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The world truly is evil… isn’t it?

I think I’ve known this for quite awhile.

Probably since I was just a baby and was hurt by the sin of men.

Yet, I’ve been in denial for 20 years.

I never wanted to accept that, because I know that isn’t what we were meant to experience.

Pain, sickness, loss, death, suffering, abuse…

These things were never meant for us.

This is true.

However, the unfortunate reality is that we are still going to have to experience it… at least for a little while longer.

We have to be cautious here…

And no matter how much we wish it to be, not everyone can be our friend.

Not everyone will love us back.

Not everyone will treat us with kindness or respect.

And even more upsetting, we won’t treat everyone with love either…

No matter how much we want to be all good,

No matter how much we want to show only love,

We are broken and living in a broken world.

This is because the world has fallen.

The laws were broken, and humanity had to suffer the consequences of that.

The crazy part is that these consequences we experience now, are not even a tiny portion of what horrors we deserve.

Compared to perfect love, we are all awful and don’t deserve to continue existing.

But, the wonderful thing about perfect love is that even if we are no longer good…

We have another chance.

We can be saved.

We are forgiven, as long as we accept forgiveness.

As long as we really want the love and the goodness,

We are promised to receive it.

It breaks my heart to see all of the evil that is in the world.

To see the evil in people who I love, and I do love all people and hope them all the best.

I didn’t want to see it or grow up because it hurt too much...

But that just gets me and my loved ones in more pain.

Ignoring an issue doesn’t make it go away…


I have to be cautious of who I let into my life and into my heart…

If not, I will let people with bad intentions end up hurting me and corrupting me again and again.

I don’t want that.

Yet, I don’t want to have to turn anyone away…

I wish it were different.

I wish it were easier.

I wish they never ate that fruit.

I want to go home, but I want everyone to come with me.

I don’t want pain, suffering, guilt, abuse, death, or anything bad to happen to anyone ever again.

I don’t want people to hate.

I don’t want God to be hated or mocked.

I just want eternal love for every creature ever,

But some of them may not choose that…

That is terrifying and painful.

I hope that they change their minds.

Evil should not exist for anyone……

But I trust God, and I know there must be a reason.

A loving reason.


Please choose love.

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