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Once there was a time where we ran through nature together, and we were happy.

Now we sit inside all day, staring at screens, wasting life away...

The sunshine screams at us to no avail,

Then the rain tries to sprinkle us, and we wail.

“We are far too sophisticated to concern ourselves with you!”

Is what we tell the sky to make him even more blue...

But really are we happy now that we’ve “advanced”?

Does society’s rule really help enhance?

In all honesty, I’d say it does not.

I remember now what we all forgot

Was that money can’t buy happiness, love, or peace!

All we do now is work, eat and sleep,

But some days when I am walking, although taking a man made path,

I hear the wind whisper, and then the leaves laugh.

I can’t help but smile and chuckle too.

Maybe it’s nature we could find love through.


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